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1 Read Rules Here! on Sat Feb 20, 2016 5:38 pm



This is a very important message to all in this forum so must read!.

This topic is all about the do's and don'ts in this forum to prevent some bad attitudes of a user, if you are bad then you will never stay here longer!.

So lets start this is just a few Do's and Don'ts so don't get tired of reading this.

~Do not post older versions of software's (it must be updated versions).
~Speak in English and no other language's is allowed.
~Using abusive language is not allowed.
~Don't use download links that needs to login.
~Do not create any tutorial if you cannot guide users about errors & troubleshooting.
~Don't forget to put some description of your post.
~No spamming!.

~Always do thanks to the thread that helped you.
~Post something that never been uploaded in here.
~Always helped each members if you know how to solve his/her problem.
~Be helpful to other's so that i can give you a rank in this forum.
~Help newbie's we have a chat box in our homepage or send them pm's.

Thank you for reading this post! and i hope all is clear and understood!.

Have a nice stay in her flower  

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